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aspen tech.png

AspenONE v11 for process simulation and techno-economic analysis

Computing Capabilities:

superpro designer.png

SuperPro Designer v10 for process simulation and techno-economic analysis

openLCA 1.10.3 for life cycle assessment

Databases: AGRIBALYSE V3.0.1, BioEnergieDat, ecoinvent 3.7.1, ELCD 3.2, EF database, exiobase 3.4, IMPACT World+ I Global, USDA, NEEDS complete, openLCA LCIA methods v2.1.0

sas jmp.png

SAS jmp PRO 15 for statistical analysis and DOE optimization

Equipment Capabilities:


The Furnace Room with various furnaces and pyrolysis units for thermochemical conversion of biomass into biocarbon materials, bio-oil, and syngas


Continuous fast pyrolysis unit for biomass conversion into biochar, bio-oil, and syngas


Continuous rotary pyrolysis unit for biomass conversion into biochar and syngas


Static furnace for conversion of biomass into biochar and syngas (2 units available)


System of batch anaerobic digestion reactors for measuring biochemical methane potential and kinetics.

2024 Compost Reactor.jpg

20L continuous composting reactor


System of 36 bioreactors with automated pH, temperature, and agitation control. Each bioreactor has 500mL total volume, 250mL working volume. Capable of ~5% solid slurries. Suitable for high throughput screening and/or optimization of enzyme digestion, fermentation, anaerobic digestion, etc.

Applikon Fermenters.jpg
New Brunswick Bioreactors 2.jpg
Continuous bioreactors.jpg

Six large bioreactors with automated pH, temperature, and agitation control. Suitable for scale up demonstration and continuous fermentation. Bioreactors owned and managed by Dr. Sagues, Dr. Yuan & Dr. Cheng in the BAE Department.


High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Agilent 1260 Infinity with Refractive Index Detector (RID), Ultraviolet (UV) Detector, and Fluorescence Detector

GC MS.jpg

Gas Chromatography - Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS), Agilent 7890A GC, Agilent 5975 MS. Owned and managed by collaborator Dr. Praveen Kolar in the BAE Department.


Gas Chromatography (GC), Shimadzu GC-2014. Owned and managed by collaborator Dr. Jay Cheng in the BAE Department.

Fluorescene Microscope.jpg
UV-Vis Spec.jpg

Microscope with fluorescence and digital camera connection to CPU


UV-vis spectrophotometer, Genesys 10S

Fluorometer, Invitrogen Qubit 4.0

Chilled Centrifuge.jpg

Large centrifuge with chiller, Eppendorf 5920R

Small centrifuge.jpg

Small centrifuge, Eppendorf 5924R


Thermocycler, Eppendorf nexus GX2

Large Shaker Table.jpg
Shaker table.jpg

Shaker tables with temperature control

IKA Mill.jpg
Tube Furnace.jpg

Biomass mill, IKA MF10

Tube furnace, MTI GSL-1500X. Max temperature: 1500C

Muffle furnaces.jpg

Muffle furnaces. Owned & managed by collaborators Dr. Praveen Kolar & Dr. Jay Cheng in the BAE Department.

Parr reactor.jpg

Parr reactor. Owned & managed by collaborator Dr. Wayne Yuan in the BAE Department.

Anaerobic Chamber.jpg

Anaerobic chamber & glove box

Biosafety Cabinets.jpg

Biosafety cabinets



Additional equipment available at the Environmental Analysis Laboratory in the BAE Department.

Additional equipment available elsewhere at NC State University: ICP, TGA, DSC, FTIR, SEM, EDS, XPS, TEM, XRD, and more.


Contact to inquire about equipment not listed.

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